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A full list of fees can be obtained from the National Records of Scotland.

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UK for details about how to get a copy of the certificate. If you were born abroad, the birth may also have been registered in the UK. If so, a copy of the certificate can be obtained in the usual way — see above. If the birth has not been registered in the UK, you may be able to get a copy of the birth certificate from the country where you were born. This can be done by contacting the relevant embassy in the UK.

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The history behind your birth certificate

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Birth Certificates - Province of British Columbia

Top links Using a solicitor. Scotland This advice applies to Scotland: Scotland home Advice can vary depending on where you live. Birth certificates This advice applies to Scotland Print. Where to register a birth A birth can be registered with the Registrar of Births and Deaths anywhere in Scotland.

Birth certificates

Who can register a birth Opposite sex partners If the natural parents of the child are married, either the mother or the father can provide the information to the Registrar who will register the birth. If the natural parents are not married:- the mother can provide the information to the Registrar even when she is under 16, or the father can provide the information but only if he has the agreement of the mother.

She must give this agreement by signing a declaration Form DPM and the father must sign a declaration Form From 4 May , if an unmarried father jointly registers the birth of his child with the child's mother he will automatically acquire parental responsibilities and rights towards the child. Provision of information - all partners If neither the natural mother nor the natural father or, in the case of a same-sex female couple from 1 September , the natural mother or her partner, can provide information to the Registrar, any of the following people can provide the information:- someone living in the house where the child was born any person present at the birth a relative of either parent who has knowledge of the birth any person responsible for the child.

Information that is required but does not go on the register Other details are required for statistical reasons, but do not appear on the register. Naming the father on a birth certificate If the natural parents are married both have to have their names registered. If the natural parents are not married the following points are important:- the natural mother does not have to give details of the father on the birth certificate.

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Registering a father on a child's birth certificate may also have the following effects:- the Child Maintenance Service or the courts could use the certificate as evidence of paternity for maintenance proceedings the courts could use the certificate as evidence of adultery the father could use the certificate as evidence if he wants to apply to the courts for parental rights and responsibilities the certificate gives very strong evidence that he is the father because his name can only be added if both the mother and father agree that he is the father or a court order states that he is the child will have information about who both parents are.

Removing the father's name The father's name cannot be removed from a child's birth entry if he is the biological father of the child. Correcting mistakes on a birth certificate If a mistake has been made on the original birth certificate, the parent s can apply to have it corrected by contacting the Registrar General. What to do if a birth has not been registered A birth that has not been registered, within 3 months of its occurrence, requires the written authority of the Registrar General before it can be registered.

Transgender people and birth certificates If you are a transgender person and have obtained legal recognition of your acquired gender, and your birth was registered in the UK, then you will be able to obtain a new birth certificate. Did this advice help? Yes No. Why wasn't this advice helpful? It isn't relevant to my situation. It doesn't have enough detail.

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    Who can apply You can apply for a birth certificate if you are the person named on the certificate or a parent of the person. You must provide at least three forms of identification with your application. Be a legally appointed guardian of the person named on the certificate. Be a solicitor acting for the person names on the certificate or require the certificate for a legal purpose. For more information see Factsheet for applications by solicitors - PDF Commemorative birth certificates We offer a range of commemorative birth certificates to celebrate a new birth or one from years ago.

    Our commemorative designs embody contemporary Australia, capturing this special moment in a lasting way. To view our latest designs see Commemorative birth certificates. Priority processing is not available for a certificate for a new birth or for commemoratives.

    british birth certificate no fee British birth certificate no fee
    british birth certificate no fee British birth certificate no fee
    british birth certificate no fee British birth certificate no fee
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