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MS D92 2 vols. Financial records and medical notes of Fort Smith, Arkansas physician and surgeon, pertaining to his war-time service as Confederate States Army surgeon and to his post-war practice. One volume contains weekly "Accounts Current" and monthly financial statements compiled by Dunlap in his capacity as Surgeon-in Charge of the Confederate Army's general hospitals at Monticello, Arkansas, July 23, to October 7, , and at Washington, Arkansas, October 15, to May 22, Also included are a few undated notes on medical diagnoses and treatments, and a few undated bibliographical notes and maps made by his daughter, Maud.

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One map is dated The second volume is mostly an accounts receivable ledger for Dunlap's practice in Fort Smith, January 3, through A few entries dated January to May, pertain to his military service, and on six pages are daily journal entries, dated or , of receipts and disbursements on account of Dunlap or his father-in-law, Dr. Nicholas Spring, with whom he practiced in partnership. Gift of Col. MS D95 1 vol. Record of birth certificates issued between August 18, and June 1, by Dr. DuVal, physician practicing in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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Photocopy of undated letter, written at Berlin, from Dwight to Charles Sumner, pertaining to political and diplomatic affairs in the United States and Prussia. MS E63 1 item. Invitation from Edward W. Eberle, requesting "the pleasure of your company at the farewell ball given to the graduating class, U. Naval Academy," June 6, by the "class of ' Purchased July, MS En6 items. Correspondence, bills of lading, invoices, statements of account, receipts, legal documents and other materials collected by Clara B.

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Eno which pertain to the history of Arkansas, especially in and around the city of Van Buren and in Crawford County. Most of the material relates particularly to the steamboat trade on the Arkansas River and to the commercial activities of Van Buren merchants Edward Cunningham, John Henry, and David C. Williams, Correspondents include Stephen K. The collection is supplemented by one reel of 35 mm, microfilm copy of selected documents in the Arkansas History Commission's Clara Bertha Eno Collection.

Calendars enable access to individual documents in each of the collection's four series. MS En89 1 foot. Copies of legal proceedings, including summons, complaint, transcript of hearings, opinions and orders, together with corres pondence, photographs, and other supporting documents filed in United States District Court, , in Civil Action File No. MS q F27 1 vol.

Voter registration list, September 12 to October 15, , and record of court costs charged and paid, February 9, to January 2, , with index. MS L63 2 items. Commission issued to Fellows, July 17, , as Register of the United States Land Office in Springfield, Missouri, bearing the autograph of President Abraham Lincoln; together with unsigned, undated performance bond partly executed by Fellows.

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Gift of F. Rose, Rogers, Arkansas, May, History of the Arkansas Penitentiary, c. MS F38 1 item. MS F 1 item. Undated account, typewritten, of the personal experiences of Mrs. MS F75 21 cu. Correspondence, literary manuscripts, scrapbooks, photographs, and other papers of the Arkansas prize winning poet and University of Arkansas Distinguished Alumnus. Correspondents include Kenneth L. MS F77 28 items.

Deeds, promissory notes, receipts, statements of account, memo randa, and other collected documents, dated , , , , , , and , relating to the several aspects of the history of Fort Smith, Arkansas and adjacent areas in Arkansas and the Indian Territory. An inventory has been compiled as a finding aid.

MS qF 6 items. Prospectus, copy of application for incorporation, record of action taken on application by Arkansas State Board of Railroad Incorporation, articles of incorporation, list of subscribers to stock, and minutes of first stockholders' meeting of Fort Smith, Arkansas corporation.


Documents are dated February 7 to February 11, A descriptive inventory is available. Purchased F81 2 vols. MS F 3 feet. Collection contains letters, photographs, clippings, telegrams, postal cards, memoranda, scrapbooks, musical scores, magazines, pro grams and play bills, together with printed texts, synopses, and librettos of plays, pageants, and operas, most of which date from the period to Materials pertain to Frankenberg's work as journalist and drama critic for several Ohio newspapers, including the Columbus Citizen and the Ohio State Journal, and to his work as publicist for various persons and enterprises connected with the performing arts or with tours and commemorative pageants.

One sub-series of 43 photographs pertains to the "evangelical" world tour conducted in and by William Edward Biederwolf and Homer Alvan Rodeheaver.

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The correspondence series pertains to Frankenberg's work as publicity agent for actors and others associated with the American dramatic and concert stage, especially in the years to The collection is organized in five series and a number of sub series. Detailed finding aids, which are supplemented by a biographical sketch, include descriptive catalogs of the correspondence, photo graphs, plays and operas, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous series, as well as a table of contents and indexes to correspondents and to scenes from plays and operas.

MS F98 39 items. Letters, reports, speech, broadside, program, clippings, and other material pertaining to Futrall's professional career as an educator in Arkansas, to the Marianna Arkansas Male and Female Institute, and to the scholastic record and professional career, to , of future University of Arkansas president John Clinton Futrall.

Thornton, and Charles Scott Venable. Futrell to Professor L. Aylsworth, Lincoln, Nebraska, advising that he is forwarding, under separate cover, copies of the messages delivered to the Arkansas General Assembly by his gubernatorial predecessors, George Washington Donaghey and Joseph Taylor Robinson. MS G21 1 item. Printed broadside dated at Washington, Arkansas October 25, , containing eleven stanza poem captioned, "Lines written in memory of their little boy, and dedicated to Mr.

MS G35 1 item. Typewritten transcript of fragment, January 1, to October 16, , of diary kept by John R. Transcribed by Ann Davies Spence from original diary in possession of Mrs. Felton Gibbons of Bauxite, Arkansas, and donated May, MC 51 57 items. Journal, correspondence, photographs and other papers of "Della" Hottel, created or received during her residence in Fredericksted, St. MS G44 B 25 vols. Ledgers, journals, daybooks and other records pertaining to the history of Lee and Phillips Counties, Arkansas, especially to the business, agricultural, and legal affairs of the Moore-Daggett-Gist families of Edgewood plantation in Phillips County, and of its owners, Bogan Nathaniel Gist and Thomas Hottel Gist.

Material also relates to: the law practice of John Mayhew Daggett; the business and political affairs of Phillips County merchant, banker, and planter John P. Francis Levee District. MS G99 2 feet. Typewritten preliminary, revised, and final drafts, together with printed page proofs, of six of the Arkansas author's published novels, each bearing his handwritten corrections and revisions. MS H21 3 vols.

Material pertaining to the life of William J. Hamilton, Arkansas student, teacher, lawyer, and merchant, especially to his years as a student at Arkansas Industrial University, Gift of Mrs. Nell H. MC 3 items: galley, typescript, and microfilm. Biographical information and microfilm of scrapbook containing Confederate bonds and money, letters, photographs, military papers, cards, programs, and other papers. Biographical information on the life and work of the former University of Arkansas president , donated by Hartzog's daughter-in-law, Catherine Gibbons Hartzog, St.

Louis, Missouri, January MS H26 5 items. Photocopy of unpublished sketch, , of the life of "Coin" Harvey, together with photocopy of four published articles, , , and , by or about him. MS H32 4 items. Documents relating to the teaching career of Hayes and to the history of public school education in Washington County, Arkansas. Correspondence, speeches, clippings, photographs, and other materials, most of which date from to , pertaining to Hays' education, to his law practice, and to his political career, as well as his personal, religious, fraternal, and civic interests and activities.

Materials pertain particularly to his administration as Governor of Arkansas, , especially as regards the Southern Governors' Cotton Convention of ; the collection of and extension of payments of state taxes due, ; proposed prohibition legis lation, ; and controversies surrounding the State Penitentiary and the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Arranged in five series, the collection is supported by finding aids consisting of a calendar of correspondence, series inventories, and an index of correspondents. George W.


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MS H37 1 item. Hancock and John P. Kelley, levee and ditching contractors, praying issuance of auditor's warrants to replace voided warrants issued in in payment due claimants by the State of Arkansas; attaching 45 voided warrants as Exhibit "A"; and bearing the endorsement of Governor Clayton, May 25, , referring claim to Hon.

Montgomery, Atty.

MS H38 9 items. Deeds, construction plans and other papers of Hendry, Washington County, Arkansas carpenter and builder, pertaining to land and buildings in Washington County and elsewhere, particularly to the contractual specifications for the construction of a brick house in Fayetteville, Arkansas for Lafayette Gregg, MS H 1 item.

State Guards Cmdg. Henrys Battalion. MS H62 cu. Administrative files of the Arkansas Historical Records Survey of the United States Work Projects Administration, together with the working draft and final form inven tories of federal, state, county, municipal and church archives, his torical manuscripts, historical imprints, newspaper files, and other records located and surveyed in the state's several courthouses, city halls, governmental offices, libraries, historical societies, newspaper offices and other repositories.

MS H86 2 items. MS H86a 6 items. Limited restrictions apply to the materials, which are itemized in a descriptive inventory. For more on the Mary Dengler Hudgins Collection, click here. MS H 53 items. For more information, see the finding aid for James J. Hudson Papers MC Hughes, "Secty of Gov," to C. Sweet, Winchester, Massachusetts, regarding the correct pronunciation of the word "Arkansas.

MS H88 2 vols.

criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas Criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas
criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas Criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas
criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas Criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas
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criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas Criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas
criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas Criminal records for jonathan baker arkansas

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