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Dogs Serving As Students and Teachers For Inmates in Florida Prison System

In the woman's prison north of Ocala she watched her close friend with HIV get sicker and sicker. Miller spent time caring for sick and elderly inmates in wheelchairs at Lowell. She waited in pill lines with diabetic patients, took special care of a young woman with a spinal birth defect and helped change and dress the wounds of an elderly woman who had a double mastectomy. A quarter of prisoners in Florida's public correctional system are older than More than 1, prisoners are 70 or older. While Brandes acknowledges that less than inmates would be released under his proposal, he's pitching other measures that would decrease the prison population even more, including sentencing reform and prison deferment programs.

That could free up money for other improvements. Brandes says those improvements could mean the difference between warehousing prisoners and rehabilitating them. Relax Radio.

More on The Rock. The prison closed in Over the years, Florida State Prison expanded and restructured many times. The old prison building was redesignated as the Union Correctional Facility. In , inmates skilled in carpentry were given the task of building Florida's first electric chair to be used to execute inmates sentenced to death. Lawmakers considered the electric chair a more humane method of execution than public hanging, which took place in the yards of county courthouses.

A new electric chair made of oak like the original was constructed in by Department of Corrections personnel and was installed in the prison in to replace the old one. In , offering lethal injection, Florida began allowing inmates to select how they will be executed, following growing controversy over the electric chair. The electric chair in Frank Johnson, a black male, was executed for murder on October 7, He was the first person to be executed in the electric chair at Florida State Prison.

He was executed for shooting a locomotive engineer during a robbery.

Johnson is buried at Florida State Prison Cemetery. Frank Johnson, the first executed in Florida's electric chair in Image: Florida Department of Corrections. In June as a result of the case of Furman vs. Georgia, the U. Supreme Court held that capital punishment was unconstitutional and struck down state death penalty laws nationwide.

As a result, the death sentences of 95 men and one woman on Florida's Death Row were commuted to life in prison. However, after the Furman decision, the Florida Legislature revised the death penalty statutes in case the Court reinstated capital punishment in the future.

In the Supreme Court overturned its ruling in Furman and upheld the constitutionality of the death penalty in the case of Gregg vs. Executions resumed in Florida in when John Spenkelink became the first Death Row inmate to be executed under the new statutes.

From May to May there were no executions in Florida. Execution List Execution List - present.

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Notorious criminals executed in Florida's electric chair include, Giuseppe Zangara see below , Danny Rolling, the "Gainesville Ripper," who murdered five college students near the University of Florida campus, and serial killers, Aileen Wuornos and Ted Bundy both were cremated and ashes scattered. In , 74 of Florida's executed criminals were buried in the prison cemetery.

Newer burials include "Gainesville Ripper," Danny Rolling. Two sections of the prison cemetery are located on a dirt road just off the main highway that passes through the prison grounds.

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Part of the dirt road is blocked by a gate, so when I arrived, I parked at the gate and walked to the cemetery furthest down the dirt road. This section of the cemetery contains the oldest inmate burials. When the old cemetery filled up, a new section was added in This new section of cemetery is located close to the gate.

Both cemeteries contain bodies of inmates who were unclaimed by family or friends. Each grave has a concrete slab with a silver tag showing the name, Department of Corrections number, and death date of each inmate. Some of the old graves are partially covered by the ground. Located in a far corner, closest to the densely wooded area, was the oldest marked grave. This belongs to Justice Rice, an inmate who died on October 30, , about the time the prison farm was established.

For security reasons, the department of correction will not disclose any information about deposits or about the balances of an inmate's account. You can send funds to an inmate by:. You will need to use the receive code The deposit may be made for a fee and can be paid with cash or debit card.

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Deposit by Internet Money can be deposited online using a debit or credit card through Jpay. This tends to be the fastest way inmates can receive funds and has one of the lower fee's associated with sending funds. The money order must be made payable to "JPAY". A fee of. Box Hollywood, FL Inmates in Florida are allowed to make outgoing calls to approved numbers only, under no circumstances can you initiate a call with an inmate. If there is a family emergency such as a death, you should contact the facilities chaplain who will in turn notify the inmate, depending on the circumstances the inmate may be allowed to make a one time special telephone call.

Inmates must submit a telephone list that can have up to ten telephone numbers on it. The list may be updated once every six months sometimes sooner for certain circumstances.

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