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The Versa features technology surprising for its price point such as pedestrian detection, automatic high-beams, and automated emergency braking, all standard. It's a big step ahead of the model it replaces, and its low base price is undeniably attractive. The Fit offers a smooth ride for its size, and a segment-leading amount of available space inside its boxy shape, all for an affordable price. It gets an EPA combined 36 mpg.

In this version, with a turbocharged 1. The models received a much needed infotainment update, with new standard driver-assistance functionality. Hitting an EPA combined 36 mpg, this Corolla falls short of its hybrid counterpart, which is capable of 52 mpg, but is still among the top against its gasoline-only competitors. The new hp 1. The drop in power translates to overall better mileage, and we expect the suspension tuning and driving characteristics we enjoyed about the last-generation model will remain.

Every Elantra gets dual-zone climate control and driver-assist features including automated emergency braking and lane-keeping assist. Its hp turbocharged 1.

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Hyundai put a new 1. This may be the simple commuter in the Hyundai lineup, but the Accent is still light enough to be fun to drive and fast enough to make tire noise. The Chevrolet Cruze could be the hero compact-car owners run to in the event gas prices reach for the sky again. The 1.

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The best part? The Cruze diesel also benefits from a strong lb-ft of torque. It received a refresh in to improve style features, but even on the inside the Cruze offers a comfortable ride and a 7.

10 Non-Hybrid, Non-Electric Cars With the Highest MPG in 12222—2020

The Mitsubishi Mirage is the answer to the question: Need a new car for cheap? When it comes to price, the Mirage blows even the cheapest hybrids out of the water. Powered by a tiny 1. With an EPA-rated 39 mpg combined fuel economy for the CVT-equipped hatchback version, this is certainly a case of David versus the gas station. Type keyword s to search.

Fuel Efficient Used Cars with MPG Over 28 – Cars for Sale with Good Gas Mileage

They might not produce a large amount of NOx, but with petrol, comes the potential of high CO carbon monoxide emissions. Here's our guide to the cars that produce the most and least CO in our tests. One ongoing issue for diesel cars is the diesel particulate filter DPF , which can get clogged. The filter cuts down on harmful particulate emissions from diesel engines being released into the air, but there are many reported cases of these becoming clogged and needing replacement.

Most owners' handbooks advise running the engine at high speed, for example on a motorway run, to keep the filter clear to avoid this. If your DPF does need replacing, the cost can run into thousands of pounds. Our annual survey data shows that diesel-powered cars are slightly less reliable than petrol ones.

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Petrol cars are also starting to get particulate filters, though they are currently nowhere near as common. Want to know which cars you can trust? We reveal which are the most and least reliable car brands.

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  • 1. Toyota Prius (Hybrid).
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  • The sale of new diesel and petrol cars will be banned in Sales of hybrid cars will continue. If these measures fail, local authorities could introduce restrictions, such as charging zones, or stopping certain cars from using designated roads at set times. The ULEZ charge affects:.

    Many target all combustion vehicles, not just diesel cars. Oxford has gone one step further and proposed a Zero Emission Zone. The plan would phase out diesel and petrol cars entirely, starting with non-zero emission taxis, cars, light commercial vehicles and buses banned by from certain roads, and all non-zero emission vehicles across the city centre by Wondering whether you should go electric? See our round-up of the best electric cars. Petrol vs diesel cars: which is better? By Adrian Porter. Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products.

    Sign up now or login. Diesel cars vs petrol vs hybrid: in a nutshell Diesel cars tend to cost more to buy than an equivalent petrol car. In the past, it was possible to make this back thanks to diesel cars having lower car tax and fuel costs. Amendments to the car tax system means diesel owners pay more in the first year, and all drivers pay a flat rate from the second year on.

    So the only savings now come from fuel economy. But, thanks to technology evolving, there are now some hybrids that buck this trend. Diesel cars are in the limelight for their toxic emissions. But our tests have uncovered some diesel cars that emit less NOx than the average petrol car. If you have to replace your DPF, it'll be a costly fix. Diesel cars tend to be the fuel of choice for those who need to tow, thanks to diesel engines producing huge amounts of torque pulling power. But petrol and hybrid alternatives are available. Average fuel economy figures Fuel type Average mpg combined Average mpg around town Average mpg motorway Diesel Car Survey.

    Hybrid cars with excellent motorway fuel economy Cars Fuel economy combined Fuel economy around town Fuel economy motorway. Key Member Content. Fuel-cost calculator: how much will you pay?

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    Current fuel prices can be looked up on sites such as TheAA. Diesel vs petrol: which is cheapest? Petrol vs diesel Petrol vs diesel: premiums and running costs Fuel type and car Price as new Claimed mpg and 9, miles fuel cost Total one-year cost Total five-year cost Diesel Ford Kuga 2.

    How long do I need to own a diesel car for it to work out cheaper than petrol? The VW Golf would take an incredible 16 years to become cheaper than the petrol version. The diesel Ford Kuga becomes cheaper than the petrol after five years The diesel Nissan Qashqai becomes cheaper than the petrol after six years The diesel Mercedes C-Class becomes cheaper than the petrol after 12 years The diesel Volkswagen Golf becomes cheaper than the petrol after 16 years.

    Is diesel dirtier than petrol? Typically, yes. Diesel cars, on average, produce a lot more NOx than petrol cars. Are petrol and hybrid cars clean? Just like diesel cars, we penalise petrol cars that produce excessive amounts of CO. Will diesel cars be banned? Several cities around the world have committed to banning diesel cars by The ULEZ charge affects: Owners of petrol cars that don't meet Euro 4 or better Diesel cars will have to meet Euro 6 introduced September , mandatory for all new cars as of September , though some cars will have been Euro 6 compliant earlier to escape this extra charge.

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    Diesel Ford Kuga 2. Petrol Ford Kuga 1. Diesel Nissan Qashqai 1. Petrol Nissan Qashqai 1. Diesel VW Golf 1.

    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car
    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car
    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car
    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car
    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car
    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car
    find a reliable fuel efficient car Find a reliable fuel efficient car

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