They search her ass in prison

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In my dorm at Swift there were two barbers, one specialized in beard trimming and the other in haircuts. There was a tailor! Suppose you got a rip in your pants like happened to me. Take them to the tailor and get that repaired for 1 honeybun. He also sold me a hat for 2 honeybuns. There was no radio repair man in our dorm until my friend Harry arrived on the same day as me.

For the first couple of weeks he kept telling me that was his hustle the other times he was inside. In addition, some guys want to get their radio hot-rodded or made more powerful in some way — another good hustle. Harry kept talking himself up and pretty soon — tadahh! Where do you get the solder or the wire to make antennas or do repairs etc?

Salvaged from old broke and discarded radios, of course! Other hustles come from prison job assignments. Marginalized Inmates. There are more gay men in prison than you might think. I met quite a few out-of-the-closet gays in prison. I will tell you some surprising stories about them later on. They live in the same dorms and use the same bathrooms and showers as the rest of the guys. Although it seemed to me as an outsider that nobody was bothering them, as I later made gay friends I would hear them complain about ill treatment both from fellow inmates and prison staff — as I will describe in upcoming chapters of this story.

There are homophobes in every crowd and a prison dorm is no exception. These homophobes usually but not always as you will see confine themselves to making occasional disgusting comments and wanting to have nothing to do with gays. So much better for the gays, right?

Women in prison punished more harshly than men around the country | Chicago Reporter

Then there are the sex offenders. Again, there are more than you might think. Of the last two groups many are older white guys with no previous criminal record and few if any tattoos. In fact, if you are part of my target audience for this story you should know that most inmates will automatically assume that any older white man with no tattoos and no past criminal record must be a pedophile. This category of inmate is commonly called a chomo. This is especially true of the most moronic asshole homophobes in every dorm.

The worst of the homophobes in my dorm at the Swift Annex was Deno — my next door neighbor of course! The only good news for these known pedophiles was that the majority of the inmates were not bothering them. Furthermore, we all wear blue prison suits. This status had the beneficial side affect of muting attacks from the the moronic asshole homophobes.

No such luck for the other known pedophile, a year-old guy with health problems, an introverted personality and a pathetic sounding laugh, all of which made him the target of the venom of the moronic asshole homophobes.

House Rules — TMI alert! As shown in the diagram , along one wall was a row of 7 toilet stalls with half walls. How does this work? If there is any piece of clothing draped over the half-wall between stalls 6 and 7 that is a do not disturb sign!

Video shows inmate with knife amid South Carolina prison riot

This signal can also just mean that a guy wants to take a civilized private shit — or use his cell phone. Naturally he was pretty pissed off about my being there! I survived that breach of etiquette intact and was quickly informed of all the other bathroom rules: Toilet stalls 1—4 were reserved for pissing only — this is so you have someplace to piss when the jerk-off stall is in use.


Prison Guards See Some Crazy Shit

Urinals could only be used when stalls 5—7 are completely empty. While male outlaws in popular culture are often romanticized, women are instead met with contempt. What kind of mother are you? These attitudes have long been documented in prison records. As far back as prison administrators in Illinois considered female inmates more disruptive and difficult to manage, according to research by L. Dodge also analyzed inmate records from the State Reformatory for Women in Dwight, Illinois, from to She found that the top three rule violations among female inmates were talking loudly, disrespect to staff, and lateness.

This over-policing was unique to women, Dodge concluded. Women were also more likely than men to be severely punished for these infractions, McClellan found, including more time in solitary confinement and harsher restrictions during family visits. Unlike male inmates, if women had received a ticket for any infraction in the past month, they would be denied their bimonthly, five-minute call home or be limited to no-contact visits with their children. The s saw an increased interest in female inmates, and researchers determined that their pathways into criminal behavior overwhelmingly involved poverty, abuse, and trauma.

Since that time, a handful of states — including Illinois, Michigan, Iowa , California and Vermont — have instituted reforms. They have adjusted their intake processes and risk assessments.

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They have hired more women in a field still dominated by men, and promoted more of them to leadership positions. Women at Logan Correctional Center had access to only one vocational program, nail technician training, last March. Twelve women out of about 1, inmates were enrolled in the program, according to state data. Female prison populations across the country have in common high rates of past physical and sexual abuse. A study by Illinois found that 98 percent of women behind bars in the state had experienced physical abuse before incarceration, and 75 percent had been victims of sexual abuse.

Recent research found that between 61 and 83 percen t of incarcerated women in Illinois exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Life Sentences and Other Paragraphs from Prison

That is three times more than incarcerated men. It is also higher than any other studied demographic, including combat veterans. These figures mirror studies in other states and in the federal prison system. Advocates like Benedict say the growing body of research on trauma ought to be tapped to help develop correctional systems that allow incarcerated women to rehabilitate and recover.

For example, research on trauma has found that, in order to work through PTSD, survivors need to experience safety and consistency. But traditional prison environments are wholly unpredictable, interrupted at any time by spontaneous lockdowns, shakedowns, and strip searches.

Trauma survivors also need to form relationships built on trust. Moon said that by the time she left prison, she had internalized those rules and stopped showing affection. People who have experienced trauma also need to feel empowered. As you get out the van or bus a Air marshal or airplane police will call you over to inspect you. Once you reach the Air marshal you will be asked your full name and your full 8 digit assigned federal number or if new to the federal prison system your name will be just fine. After your search and checked you will get a full body pat down and asked to walk towards the Large Airplane waiting for you and close to other inmates to board.

If your a female you will be asked to board the plane and immediately sit in the front row. If male you will be asked to sit all the way in the back. There is no talking on the planes. Once everyone is checked and doubled checked its time for the plane to lift off.

The Baby in the Well

Upon arriving at any of the four reception centers. The Air marshals will normally tell you which center your being flown to. The most common one is in Oklahoma. Once you land in Oklahoma.

The plane will pull up to the side building of the reception center. You will be called by your full name and your 8 digit number. Once off the plane you will walk down a long wide hallway and be told to stand against the wall. It will always be women on one side and men on the other side. Inmates are them told to walk a straight line and will walk up on something like a platform. There you will be uncuffed and unshackled and if a male told to go straight ahead and follow the line. The line is men waiting to be stripped, searched and given clean clothes.

A white shirt, blue elastic pants and slippers will be given to you to wear while your there at the reception center. You will be asked if you want to donate or send home the street clothes and shoes your wearing. Most inmates donate. Next you will be told to go into a large room.

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