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A Smooth favourite, this is a classic ballad that brings us right back to a school disco slow dance.

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Easily their standout hit, it reached number two in the UK in Sadly, Fat Larry passed away just five years later. This was the song that made people stand up and take notice of George as a credible artist outside the pop fun of Wham! Released when he still in the boyband with Andrew Ridgeley, the song topped the charts around the world. This song has had people debating over its meaning, from a simple breakup to a gay man coming out of the closet. It pays tribute to Marvin Gaye, who is mentioned in the lyrics, and also partly about Kemp's platonic relationship with Altered Images singer Clare Grogan.

Labi Siffre first reached number 14 with this love song in , and 10 years later Madness scored a huge hit with a ska-infused cover. However, he has said that is about divorce in general and the emotions that come with it. The song put Agnetha in the strange situation of being asked to sing a breakup song, written by her ex-husband, just a short period afterwards.

However, Bjorn didn't intend it to happen this way. She later said it was her favourite ABBA song to perform. It was recorded for the movie of the same name and reached number one in the States. Bangles member Susanna Hoffs teamed up with seasoned songwriters Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly to write this power ballad. The song was inspired by two eternal flames: one at the gravesite of Elvis Presley that the Bangles saw when the band visited Graceland, and one at a local synagogue in Palm Springs which Steinberg attended as a child.

Hoffs later revealed she sang the recording completely naked after producer Davitt Sigerson pranked her by saying Olivia Newton-John had done the same thing. It reached number one in the States a year and a half after its first release. Smooth Singles is our own dating site. Join for free right here and find that special someone. George Michael. Dolly Parton.

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David Bowie. Your privacy is important to us. We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data. View our Privacy Statement for more details. You were my best friend. You were everything I want to be. And all the good inside of me. Never been another. That loved me like you did. My grandmother, my angel. Cyrus wrote this song about her beloved grandfather.

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The lyrics express the pain of unanswered questions we may have when a loved one dies. Miss your voice, miss your smile. Everything about you, worth a while. Always wondering where you are. This missing you song by Justin Moore imagines what it would be like to be able to spend one day in Heaven, visiting friends and family members who have died.

That you blow out your candles. Make a wish as you close your eyes. Instead I just sit here and cry. Who would you be? What would you look like. When you looked at me for the very first time? This song, although sad, has a positive message, which is that we should make the most of our lives, no matter how short.

The song offers great comfort to all those who have suffered a great loss. Our favourite line is:. This song was recorded by Jackson to mourn a friend that had passed away. It was later re-recorded to mourn the death of Jackson. Taylor Swift wrote this song after reading a blog about a four-year-old boy named Ronan Thompson who died from neuroblastoma in The posts were in the form of heartbreaking letters to her late son.

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Maya Thompson was in attendance. Celine dedicated this heartbreaking song to her niece Karina who was born with Cystic Fibrosis and passed away in her arms at just 16 years of age. Fly, fly little wings. Fly beyond imagining. The softest cloud, the whitest dove. Past the planets and the stars. Leave this lonely world of ours. Escape the sorrow and the pain. And fly again. And dream how wonderful your life will be.

Someday your child may cry, and if you sing this lullaby. Then in your heart there will always be a part of me. But lullabies go on and on. They never die. Clapton wrote this mournful guitar ballad about his four-year-old son Conor, who died on March 20, when he fell out of a window of an apartment on the 53rd floor in New York City. The lyrics of this song tackle the difficult question many are faced with when you miss someone. Will we really meet again?

Would you know my name. If I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same. I must be strong and carry on. This haunting song was written by Sheeran for a close friend who suffered a miscarriage loss at 5 months. For anyone who has suffered a miscarriage, the lyrics of this emotional song may bring some comfort:. So go on, go home. Many fans believe the song is about the miscarriage the singer suffered several years before the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy. Distance and death can never truly separate us.

From this day on. Now and forever more. This is one of the best songs about missing someone who was taken far too young. Like a story that had just begun. But death tore the pages all away. God knows how I miss you.


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Just knowing no one could take your place. Anyone who has suffered the loss of a child will be able to relate to these heart-wrenching lyrics:. Well, it must be kind of crowded, on the streets of heaven. So tell me: what do you need her for? But right now I need her so much more. So who will hold her hand when she crosses the streets of heaven?

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Pink penned this heartfelt acoustic ballad about a very close friend of hers who lost a young child. Could you beam me up. Probably just stare, happy just to be there holding your face. Just beam me up. Glory Baby was written by Christy and Nathan Nockels, the duo that make up the Christian band Watermark, after they suffered multiple miscarriages. The Nockels credit God with helping them continue with writing the song after suffering a second miscarriage.

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After a time of healing, they were able to finish the song. Heaven will hold you before we do. Heaven will keep you safe. Although this song was not necessarily written about missing someone, it still sends a powerful message about keeping your faith when the world seems to be falling apart — a sentiment that the bereaved can relate to.

Just close your eyes. The sun is going down. No one can hurt you now.

Looking for that special someone song
Looking for that special someone song
Looking for that special someone song
Looking for that special someone song
Looking for that special someone song
Looking for that special someone song

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